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Home Care

It seems that dust will try to deteriorate a trophy on the wall over time.  To preserve the lifelike appearance, simply take the mount outside and dust it off every 3-4 months.  A feather duster works fine on any mount.  With feathers, make sure you stroke starting at the head, working toward the tail.  Never go against the feathers. 

Deer and any other mammals take care as well.  Start at the head and stroke with the hair toward the back end.  Avoiding the eyelids, spray a small amount of window cleaner on a cloth and wipe the glass eyes to bring back the shine.

Field Care

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  1. As soon as you bag and tag your trophy, get it cleaned to prevent spoilage of the meat and of the hide.

  2. When skinning the deer, NEVER cut downward and through the brisket/chest area of the deer. Your vertical cut should stop 3-6 BEHIND the front shoulders.

  3. As you skin the hide starting at the tail toward the base of the neck, be careful not to cut through the hide or make any unnecessary holes.

  4. Once you work the hide to the front shoulders, carefully work the hide over the shoulders. Take the front legs and cut the hide around the legs at the knee joint. This will leave plenty of hide and is an easy point to discard the rest of the leg area.

  5. Continue skinning the hide over the rest of the shoulder, and down the leg portions. You should then be able to slip the leg portion away from the hide.

  6. Once, you are past the front shoulders, work the hide down to the base of the head.

  7. Using a saw, cut the neck 4-5 behind the base of the head. A portion of the neck left on the head will be used for measurements of the mounting process.

  8. At this point, you are left with the deer head in tact with whole hide. It is always best if you bring the hide in this way. If you would like, you can cut the back portion of the hide off. This is a critical area!

  9. To be safe, cut down the width of the deer in the middle stomach region and at least 6-8 behind the front shoulders. Discard the back portion.

  10. Rinse any blood off the head and front portion, roll the hide up to the head, place in a trash bag, and get it COLD. Freezing is recommended, but a cooler with ice will work.


  1. When you choose to mount any waterfowl, certain care must be a priority.

  2. Make sure there are not a lot of broken or missing feathers and the bill does not have holes in it.

  3. Tuck the head under the wind or on the back of the bird.  Wrap it in newspaper, duct tape the edges, and freeze it.

  4. If you so choose, you can put a stocking over the bird.  It is important that you pull the stocking  from the breast to the tail, going with the feathers.  Never begin at the tail and work forward.

  5. Again, wrap in newspaper, tape it closed, and freeze it.


  1. Getting them cold or frozen is the main priority.  This prevents hair loss in critical areas.

  2. Simply place it in a trash or paper bag and get it frozen.

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